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I am really pleased with the tomini tang. Of course Tommy, (the name I gave the tomini tang) has not been in the display long enough for me to know just how his grazing is going to ultimately effect my macro algae. He does not even look at the red halimeda and I doubt he would bother codium. I have some feather caulerpa up high near the overflow and nems and he has not bothered it as of yet but when he has the nuisance algae gone that could change. Also I am heavily feeding frozen green food like emerald entree, spiralina enriched brine shrimp and formula 2 so Tommy is getting a lot of greens in his diet. Since most of my other fish are herbivores or omnivores I can do that. Anyway, I will keep you up to date as to how Tommy's addition to my display effects my macro algae in it.

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