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Ok, prettyish enough! Snapped some pics with my wife's phone.

The seagrasses look great, with many blades reaching the surface. The 'splash of red' patch reef got yet another scalping, leaving space for some new guys to flourish. See Seymour, the sea cucumber bottom right. I've had him around five years now, and he has grown. This kind of tank suits him.

From the deep end. Red macros trimmed waaaaay down.

It was good to get after it again, after slacking for so long. It's funny how much work it is just to get mediocre pics! But it gets me off the couch…

I was thinking how our aquariums are our forms of self expression. They're like art installations with living art. Science and Nature provide the boundaries. We are the artists/scientists, trying to make something beautiful and functional.


As many naturalists and environmentalists have suggested, we should set aside our arrogance,
our desire to conquer and control everything, and walk hand in hand with Mother Nature. -Walter Adey

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