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Yeah, I pruned back the Botriocladia, and Grasilaria big time. I know it's kinda harsh right now, but I'm trying to encourage a couple of other plants on the rocks to grow. Hopefully this will lead to a more balanced group of red macros.

Another thing different about the patch reef is that it is gradually sinking into the sand, thanks to the Allen's Damselfishs' digging. It's kind of a bummer because there's a lot of life on the rocks, and much of it is getting buried. I could get it all back above the sand, but they'll just do it again. So what I might do is add another 10lb layer of new live rocks on top of the old.

Seymour is a great detrivore, and my tank has loads of detritus to process. So, he's fat, happy and growing.

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