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New lifereef owner couple of questions.

I just set up a used 24" model. I have a couple of questions. My skimmer compartment has a constant depth of 9.5 inches. I am running the skimmer with a jebao dcp10000 Iím having trouble figuring out what power level to run the skimmer. How much power is too much? I am also having problems seeing the bubble line to know if Iím setup correctly. Manual says set it to sticker. Does that mean top of bubbles should be that height? I plumbed in a co2 scrubber, but I am worried an accidental overflow will suck water through my brs c02 scrubber. How do you avoid this issue? I know the lifereef is less likely to overflow, but it can still happen. I have also noticed a fair amount of moisture collects in the line from the cup to the skimmer. How do I prevent that? Unfortunately I canít mount my co2 scrubber so it sits higher than the skimmer, the cup outlet and scrubber are the same height.

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