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I had an idea of what to do about my sinking live rock. I still have some old, dead coral skeletons I could put on the bottom, with the live rock on top of it. That would prevent it from settling, and the dead rock would allow for tunnels for the fish too. Everybody's happy!

So a partial re-scape then. I've got a bag of unused sand to add to the project. It would be good to regain the height I had when I first scaped it. It'll be tricky doing it in a full tank, but doable I think. I'll just have to work around the cloudiness, taking breaks to let it settle, so I can see what I'm doing.

I just thought of a complicating factor: the Mangroves. Their roots are likely to give me trouble. And my efforts could very well jeopardize their health. Worth the risk? I think so.

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