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Agreed, it would be nice for the live rock to not get swallowed by the sand. Stacking it on top of rocks will really expose much more surface area for colonization by sponges and such. I need to go look in my box of rocks, and see if I have enough to do it.

I have to admit, 'entropy' went right over my head. Thanks for the word Dawn! Randomness and disorder. Yep, that applies! I love adding new words to my lexicon.

So, would you say entropy is another factor in our quest to harness art and nature? Are our constant adjustments the yin to entropy's yan?

Yesterday I pulled up and replanted nine manatee grass plants. There are spots with too many plants and spots with too few. They transplant well. So I move some around. Anti-entropian?

Research indicates Rabbitfish is the winner of the 'I love Caulerpa' search. Downside is they get pretty big and they have venomous fins. They're supposed to be pretty mellow community citizens, though. Foxfaces don't get that big. My wife will like a bigger fish. The small ones are hard to see.

But I also need to think of the plan for the overall fish community. Since it will be one of the biggest fish I get, it will likely go in pretty late in the order of introduction. So, lots more to think about.

As many naturalists and environmentalists have suggested, we should set aside our arrogance,
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