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Nothing I've read mentions seagrass in their diets. But most macros are, barring the heavily calcified ones, like halimeda. My biggest worry is that it will eat my prized red macros, few that I have. If I do get a rabbitfish, I'll have to deal with that. It's possible that it might go after my grasses, once the macros are gone. So I'll need to get it eating veggie fish food or remove it.

Who knows! Maybe I won't get one. Now that the tank has the lush growth that I wanted, I'm talking about mowing it all down. Once I get it mowed down, I'll think it's too bare. It's a sickness!

Given the economic uncertainty, I'm inclined to spend less these days, so I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. And, as I mentioned, I still need to consider what other fish I'll be adding, and the order of introduction.

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