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Originally Posted by BrandonMc2011 View Post
So my LFS just started stocking the full range of Aquaforest products. I run a 150 mainly SPS tank and I am not pleased at all with coloration. I picked up the Pro BioS, carbon, Coral B, V, and E, Iodine, Potassium, Strontium, Iron, Flourine and the Heavy metals. I set up the carbon in a Phosban reactor and I started my first dosing today. I am at about 2/3 the recommended dosage. I have picture documentation and I am starting a log to document everything I do and see. Is there anything that I should watch out for starting this regiment? Also, what do you think I can expect from these products? If there is any information you need from me feel free to ask.
First of all - thank You for choose our products.

Can You create Thread of Your tank? After We could see some photos - how big corals You have, what corals You have - It will be easier to help

You choose good way - to dose2/3 recommend dosing. You can also dose 1/2 dose.


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