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Originally Posted by plyle02 View Post
Sounds like a great plan to me, have you had a chance to review the product guide(pdf)? I will attach a link When reading on the system, you will want to query on the Probiotic Program for a sps type tank. The basis of this system is to use Probiotic Reef Salt, Pro Bio S(bac source) and NP Pro(carbon source). This helps the tank to run low nutrients, so that the corals and fish can have optimal health. For advanced coloration of corals, you can use AF Energy, AF Build, AF Vitality, AF Aminomix, and AF Power Food. These supplements help the corals to have these vibrant colors you see. As far as trace minerals go, you would encompass that through the use of the Macro and Micro minerals and dose at equal ratios.
If your tank has a higher bioload, you can also use siporax to create more surface area for bacteria to grow. Additionally, you may want to use Zeomix too. Most users are having great success using what is referred to as the stacking method. One single fluidized reactor, with Zeomix on the bottom, AF Carbon stacked on top of the Zeomix, and finally AF Phos Minus on top of the AF Carbon. This helps the system to run very low in nutrients, in cases where the bioload is higher than normal, or the tank is run with little live rock or no sand, as they are also beneficial for denitrifying bacteria to grow. Cheers
What about Coral Food. Seem like not mentioned much.

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