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Originally posted by renogaw
If you ship the corals, in insulated boxes with shredded paper, in a leakproof container (those plastic medical urine sample containers), with heatpacks, and they do not make the next day (less than 24 hour actually) shipping, would you refund the whole cost of the corals/shipping, half the cost, none?

i'm sorta curious as to what to do
If the person I'm shipping to expects next day delivery (as they should) and FedEx misses the delivery date and the corals are DOA, I ship a replacement and file a claim with FedEx. That happened to me this past weekend. I had a frag pack that the recipient paid extra for Saturday delivery. I shipped it Friday evening and it got held up in the snow storm and didn't get delivered until Monday. Needless to say, there was nothing left but bare skeletons in cloudy water by then.

The way I look at it, if I tell someone that the box will come overnight and it does not it certainly is not the recipient's fault. I make it right with them first and then deal with the carrier who didn't deliver.

Just my way of doing business and my .02.

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