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Originally Posted by alprazo View Post
Sorry to hear. Was really hoping for different news. It is difficult to say what happened. My guess was bad food. Either had a preformed toxin from bacteria, such as staphyloccus food poisoning where a toxin is made and makes you sick. It is not an infection. The only treatment is supportive measures. It could have happened before the food was initially frozen. This is the one where you get sick several hours after eating. Or it could be from ingesting a pathogenic bacterium such as listeria. This can take days to weeks to develop, the causes CNS problems, convulsions along with the common GI issues.

I do not think it came in with the tang.

Thanks for all of the follow ups and support. Thinking about selling the tank. Only reason I can see to have a 300 gallon is for a shark and not sure I want to try again. This girl was not just a "fish" but a family pet that we hand fed and loved.

Let me ask you about feeding habits... we would buy frozen silversides, krill, marine cuisine (cubes) and squid cubes. Every three to four days we would take a small container and put in a variety of food and let it thaw out. The shark would normally eat all of the silversides right away, but sometimes there would be a few leftover pieces that would sit in the food/water mixture in our fridge for a few days. Do you think that could have maybe accelerated or promoted harmful bacteria growth.

So basically, instead of thawing food every day for all of the fish, we would make a batch to last for 3-4 days.

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