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Question Bamboo sharks got sick

Hey Alpranzo,

I saw your thread and you seemed to be very knowledgeable on the topic of sharks and was hoping you could help. I recently had two baby bamboo sharks in my tank, one was a couple months old, and the other was a month older that that. I hatched both in my tank. Recently, in the past two-three weeks, both sharks have died. The older one died about a week ago, and the younger one died today. Both experienced the same symptoms, but the younger one's symptoms happened right after the older one died. I went different aquarium shops by my house and no one knew what was going on, and did some research on my own as well. The only explanation I could find was a bacterial infection, but am not sure. The sharks would lose their appetite and would not eat. I could not find any red dots on their bellies, nor could I find a lump in the throat. In the tank I have a grounding probe and my levels were the same as they were when I set up the tank and normal throughout the period, as was the temperature. I was feeding the sharks frozen squid and octopus. All the sudden, the older one stopped eating one night when feeding. Before this, he had a very healthy appetite, but did not eat ever since. He would lay around, almost motionless. At times, it was almost as if he would swim in place. He started breathing heavily, and about a week and a half to two weeks after he stopped eating, he passed away. 2 days after the shark died, the other one stopped eating. The younger one was more outgoing to begin with, and during this time he would swim around, but lay in the sand motionless after. What I found weird was that the sharks would twitch while swimming around. All the other symptoms were the same as the older shark too.

In the tank I also have 2 tangs and a clown, all which are doing fine. Is there anything you can think of that could of caused this? I want to start over with new shark eggs, but am afraid to without finding a cause to the other sharks' deaths...

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