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Temperature and Marine Aquarium

What is the right temperature in aquarium? In our vision it has to be the same of the sea. But in the last years this assumption is not so valid. Our researches have found out that in the coral's sea we have an average temperature between 26 to 28 C degrees. With minimum of 21 and maximum of 30. Anyway corals can adapt themselves to high temperature, but they need time, so we can have 29įC in the summer if we have 27 during all year long. As the increasing of electric bill, in the winter we have to adapt our temperature to less degrees, so 29 is not an option now. We suggest to follow the Nature, so donít go over 28 if you can.
But, just to speak, whatís happen when the temperature rise up? The content of oxygen goes down, and this is a problem for every living being. But the methabolism rises up, and this brings more active fish and more beautiful colors. The strange is more methabolism needs more oxygen so it can be a nightmare, more demand but less oxygen in the water. So if the temperature rises up too much, the animals begin to suffer. What do you think? What are your strategies about? What's is your preferred temperature?

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