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My 305 Reef build

Hey family, clearly i need help!! After owning my 160 gallon build for nearly 2 years.... I'm an starting over. Bigger and better right? This may be a bit premature since i don't have the tank yet, but i want use this to document my experience and steps along the way. If successful, this build will be a culmination of my experience gained over the years, and ideas from some of the amazing reefs and designs that i have seen here.

To start out, this tank will be hard plumbed, a 1st for me. I will also have a manifold and a board designed to hold most of my equipment in an organized manner. I'm using you guys as a sounding board, if there is anything you think i need or missing...please suggest! I'm open!

I currently have Echo-tech radions g4 non pros... for the the new build i am moving to the new Orphek v4 v2. I have decided based on recommendations for my tank size to go with 4 panels mounted perpendicular.

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