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WC = Wild caught: This is a fish or other animal that has been collected in the wild.

CB = Captive bred: This is a fish or other animal that has been spawned, hatched (if applicable), and reared in a captive, closed and controlled system.

CR = Captive raised/reared: This is a fish or other animal that has been collected in the wild in a larval or very young juvenile phase of its life and then reared or raised to a saleable size in a captive, controlled system. To the best of my knowledge no species of clownfish is CR.

TR = Tank Raised: This is an old term that is often misused, misunderstood and has been phased out of the documents that defines these terms, the CITES and USFWS definitions. To some people this term is equal to CB, to others it equals CR, to others it is somewhere in between or means something entirely different. This is why the organizations that govern the import/export of animals have abandoned this term. My people in the hobby, LFS, wholesalers still use this term. If it matters to you rather your animal is actually CB or not, you should ask them to define what they mean by "TR".


AKA = Akallopisos Skunk
AKI = Akindynos - Barrier Reef Clown
ALL = Allardi
BIC = Bicinctus - Two-Band Clown
CHR = Chrysopterus Blueline or Orange-Fin Clown
CLK = Clarkii
EPM = Ephippium – Fireclown
'gaster = Chrysogaster - Mauritian Clown
GSM = Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish
latz = Latezonatus - Wide-Band Clown
leuco = Leucokranos - White-Bonnet Clown
MEL = Melanopus
OCL = Ocellaris (False Percula)
O's= A. Ocellaris
OSK = Sandaracinos - Orange Skunk
PER = Percula (True Percula)
POL = Polymnus - Saddleback Clown
PSK = Perideraion - Pink Skunk
RUB = Rubrocinctus - Australian Clown
TOM = Frenatus - Tomato Clown
TRI = Tricinctus - Three-Band Clown
WSM= White stripe maroon Clownfish


BTA- Bubble-Tip Anemone
GBTA-Green Bubble Tip Anemone
RBTA- Rose Bubble Tip Anemone


CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora
USFWS - United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Food Terms:

BBS = Baby brine shrimp. This term is often used to describe any stage of brine shrimp up to the adult stage. Often you will see "newly hatched BBS".

Rots = Rotifers. These are small plankton that are the traditional first food for clownfish larva.

Phyto = Phytoplankton. These are small plant cells that are used to feed plankton and other filter feeding animals. For example rots are fed phyto.

General Terms:

ABs= AntiBiotics
Bath = Longer duration (30 min to 2 hrs) usually in SW
Dip = Short duration (30 sec. to 5min, up to 15min) usually in FW
DS = Display Tank
Feeds = Prepared diets (i.e. Purina Puppy Chow)
Foods = Live, frozen or dried organisms
Form = Formalin
FW = Fresh Water
Hosting = the clownfish going into an anemone (though I have always thought that it should be the anemone hosting the clownfish)
HT = Hospital Tank (A QT becomes a HT when treatment occurs)
LR or LR tank = Larval Rearing Tank
Meds = Medications
QT = Quarantine Tank
Rapid Breathing = an increase in the pumping action of the fish's gills
SW = Salt Water

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