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I'm starting to plan a treatment tank for a H. Magnifica.

- Two 18 gallon tubs
- One basic T5 light
- 75 watt heaters, one in each tub (79* F)
- Probably 2x Hydor Koralia Nano (240gph), one in each tub
- Eggcrate to keep the powerhead from blending...

1. I will always have the second tub ready with new salt water mixed (maybe just from my display tank, giving my display a bunch of nice water changes).
2. Every day: move the nem to new tub. move the light over too (probably will only have one) clean and restore old tub with new water.
3. Discharge during day: move the nem earlier than 24 hours, and restore old tub
4. Every day: dose cipro with the dosing guidelines

Do you think this is adequate?

I probably won't start treatment on the nem unless the OrionN score on it is bad after the first 8 hours of putting it in the treatment tank. But I'll add it to the treatment tank when I bring it home and monitor before deciding if it goes into the DT or not.

1. Will rubbermaid roughneck tubs be OK for the job?
2. How should I work the lighting schedule? The guide says to acclimate to the light over 12 hours, but then turn it off if you're treating with cipro?

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