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Originally Posted by OrionN View Post
You need to give them good care and good water. If you can do it in QT then it really does not mater how long they are in there. Expelled zoos is really a sign of stress, not necessary infection. As long as they don't deflate for at least 3 days, and I have treated them for at least 7 days, I have good luck with them do well. I usually have my QT in optimal condition, with circulation just about right. Very good stable water condition and great light, stable temp so I can leave my anemone in it for a long time.

Thanks! Thatís helpful. Iím using water from my display so I know the water is ideal parameters and Iím using an MP10 turned down to circulate. Also have a heater in there and a 140 watt LED a few feet above for the lighting period. So I think Iím giving him good conditions but apparently not if heís still expelling zoos. Not sure what else I need to do.

Iíll keep on treating through the 7 days and as long as no deflating Iíll let him back in DT. I only saw him deflate once prior to treatment but the loose mouth made it seem enough to treat. Is it a concern that he doesnít seem as sticky?

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