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Originally Posted by OrionN View Post
You need to give them good care and good water. If you can do it in QT then it really does not mater how long they are in there. Expelled zoos is really a sign of stress, not necessary infection. As long as they don't deflate for at least 3 days, and I have treated them for at least 7 days, I have good luck with them do well. I usually have my QT in optimal condition, with circulation just about right. Very good stable water condition and great light, stable temp so I can leave my anemone in it for a long time.

Sorry for all the questions but What are your thoughts then regarding the mouth being open?

First pic is while still in treatment, second pic was while in DT before I pulled out to QT. It looked like that a little bit tonight, even after 4 nights of Cipro treatment.

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