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Updated list

A2 WWC Sunkist Bounce Mushroom $125
A4 Iron Man Acan 2 heads SOLD
A6 Jawbreaker mamma (red streak, green dot) and baby SOLD

B1 PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom $200
B3 TGC Beauty and the Beast Paly 6p $100
B5 Daisy Dukes Zoa 3p $40
B7 Little Shop of Horror Zoa 2p $200

C2 Encrusting Montipora- pink w/ teal polyps $30
C4 Grand Master Krakatoa Zoa 2p $450
C6 Gonzos Golden Dragon Mushroom $50

D1 BigR Space Chaos 3p SOLD
D3 Long Tentacle Green Goni $30
D5 HR Death Star Zoa 1p $150
D7 SBB Aphrodite 2p $60

E2 Stiggy Marley Zoa 2p SOLD
E4 Electric Oompa Loompas 3p $50
E6 UC Grim Reaper Zoa 1p $145

F1 JF Askrak Zoa 1p $100
F3 HG Micromussa (not OG) 1 head 2 babies $100
F5 HG Micromussa (not OG) 4 adult heads $150
F7 Speckled Krakatoa Zoa 3p $80

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