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Talking Pretty impressive!

Thought some here might enjoy...In 30 years of watching Ospreys Ive never seen this! I was out this a.m. trying to work out focusing issues Im having with Sony a7RIV and FE 200-600 lens, and this flew in from behind me and right over my head. I managed to fire off a 6 shot burst, but this was the only one that was in acceptable focus-at least I got one! I can just hear the Great Barracuda saying to himself, WTF I thought I was the apex predator! . Would have loved to have seen the hunt and catch!

Stats for camera geeks:

A7RIV and FE200-600 @ 600mm
1/2500 / f6.3 / ISO 320 / +0.3EV
RAW processed in Capture One Pro and resized for web

125g mixed reef, Apex controlled, 30g sump, RO 150sss skimmer, Eheim 1262 return, NextReef MR1 reactor w/Rox C, (2) EcoDrift 8.0 1K-2K GPH, (2) Jebao PP8 1K-2K GPH, (5) 80W ATI T5s

Current Tank Info: 125G reef, Alk ~8.1, Ca 410, Mg 1350, 1.025SG
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