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Thanks Michael! I started manually dosing Calcium today. I think i have about 70 gal of true water in the system. I seem to be at 380 to 400 ppm on calcium. I have been putting in about a cap full per dose and waiting an hr to test. I want to try and bring it up slow. maybe 10 points per day or so. no reason to rush. I upgraded my salt mix as well i started in IO standard purple box for cycling and mass water changes. I stepped up to the reef crystals now that the water changes should be less frequent. The plan is, as i start to add in more corals to improve salt mixes, step into dosing, then dosing pumps, aquarium controller etc. as needed.

75 gal RR Mixed Reef with 20 gal sump 4 in Deep Sand Bed w 100+lbs live rock, T5/LED Hybrid lights, Reef Octo 150int

Current Tank Info: 32 Gallon LED Biocube Softie.
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