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Hey guys. Had to leave for a couple days.

Mark, good to see ya on a scrubber post again. Glad to hear the house plans coming together. Look forward to some comparisons.

F & F, The screen is slowly coming along. Finally getting some good turf growing. Has a large variety of different algaes, thats for sure. The green hair is slowing down as the turf grows. Last cleaning I had a fair amount of red slime on the screen, but not this time.

Now its green hair, green turf, brown & red turf and some green slime. I have started running my reactor effluent into the overflow that feeds the scrubber, so all effluent has to pass over the screen before returning to the tank.

Most times I just scrape the screen into a bucket, with a plastic putty knife. The odd time, such as the last, I rinse it, plus take a rough pad to it. I clean the whole screen.

Perhaps when my new Sedra pump for my Euroreef arrives, I will give it a run and see what it pulls out. One big difference, is that I feed several times/day. My clowns & bangaii, eat like pigs. Perhaps the chromis could survive on tank food, but I dont think the others would. I also have 5 cleaner shrimp that are pigs. I am trying to get all the above mentioned to breed.

Just on a side note. My reasons for not running a sandbed vary from asthetics to my clowns kicking the bejeebers out of it. Thus the rubble zones, where there is already tons of life living. I have added some sand in the back areas, as I am looking for a wrasse to add. I dont see any added benefit for a deep sandbed in my particular situation. I do however, not have a problem with running them, as seen by my pics still on the website of my tank before I moved. I ran a 4in. in the tank & a 3in. in the sump.

As for cons. So far.
There is some salt creep from the surge. I must run full tops and they must be kept clean. Not much other.

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