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Thanks Vinny. I was planning to do that this weekend. Scrub rocks. Spray with peroxide. Perform water change. Lights out for 3 days. I haven't dosed NoPox in a month and I finally have some traceable nitrates.

Starting a fuge next week to hopefully get some stability that dosing NoPox couldn't provide.

I guess feeding sooo minimally would help. I feed just 1 cube to seven small fish each day and feel like they're starving sometimes. More clean up crew guys are inbound also.

Tunze 9410 Skimmer, Syncra Silent 4.0, Herbie method (Bottom Drilled), 30 gallon sump.

Anyone know about assessor fish? Seems cool but I haven't seen much about them on the forum

Current Tank Info: 80 gallon simple set up with sump filtration
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