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The mortorized ball valves are certainly a viable option for controlling larger pumps, just make sure that the valve size matches the dischage diameter requirements of the desired pumps.

The Iwaki 100 seems resonable choice for your sump pump though to be honest I would normally recommend a couple of smaller pumps (55's?) rather than a single large pump to help improve reliability in case you have a pump failure. This could be especially true if you are controlling your tank temp from the sump (heating and/or chilling). Multiple sump pumps also give you more flexibility in terms of randomizing your flow patterns.

As for your close loop pump, the Iwaki 55 or 70 will certainly work but again you are paying more for power and heat than you need due to to these pumps higher pressure capabilities. Even running from the basement, a close loop pump requires lower head capabiolities as the effective head (that measure from the water level at the pump input to the water level at the pump exit) is typically near zero so only the plumbing losses themselves have to be over come by the pump which can be minimized by using larger diameter plumbing and minimal number of elbows.

My last recommendation may be redundant but just in case, place valves (non-motorized) on both external pumps inlet and outlet near the pumps themselves inconjuction with unions to help facilitate removal and/or maintainance.

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