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In case anyone is interested in some non-internet resources..

The classic Marine Plants of the Caribbean (Littler & Littler, 1989) is now basically out of print and extremely hard to find. Luckily, a brand new algae book was just published through HBOI that is a tremendous update. Even though it says it focuses on the IRL system, it covers a LOT of algae that we see volunteer themselves out of Caribbean and Pacific LR.

So.. the two I like for algae ID/algae-nerd reference:

Sprung, J. 2002. Algae: A problem solver guide.

Littler, Littler, & Hanisak. 2008. Submersed Plants of the IRL. HBOI / FAU.

I'm sure there are more books out there that do an amazing job with Algae ID. If you know of a good reference - online or off - feel free to post away!


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