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Originally Posted by biecacka View Post
Okay. When you say wet, you mean a bit drier than I have been and showed in the pictures above? It's been about a week and half so it's probably broken in or close to it. So now it's just dialing it in I assume

Not necessarily drier than you were. It's about finding a balance and what works for your system. If I were you, I'd be experimenting a bit more. Especially since you just added more stock and need to make adjustments anyway. When I looked at your last video, to me it seemed like the bubbles (when the lid was removed) appeared to be bursting kind of quickly. This was probably in part due to there not being as much dissolved organics as you might have thought there were but if it were my skimmer, I would experiment some more and lower the wattage 1 watt and see what that does to the foam. It would likely require raising the level in the skimmer a bit to generate more skimmate by closing the wedge but then again, it may not since you just increased your load. The foam is why I suggested lowering the water level first to see what that did. It's all about learning the skimmer and how it responds to small adjustments once you are in the "ball park". Every system is different which is why you need to experiment to find what works best for you tank based on it's load, sump level, salinity etc.

You are trying to find the sweet spot where you generate the stinkiest skimmate possible while also keeping it consistent. These skimmers will generate some of the most foul smelling skimmate that I have seen with any skimmer I have ever used. It's the ability to really fine tune these that makes them really great. I've said it before and I will say it again, don't be afraid to play with it a bit more to find that sweet spot for your tank. You are close but that doesn't mean it can't get better. Play with the pump speed a bit and use the water level to compensate for the pump speed adjustments. You will know if your water level is right by the skimmate production being consistent and you will know if the pump speed is ideal by the stench of the skimmate coupled with the production. Really watery skimmate will won't smell as bad as drier skim but consistency is what you are after so you need to find that balance and you are close.

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