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I have had to cut back seriously on my feedings for my fish. Some have actually lost weight. But my nutrient level is absurd. I didn't skim for over a year. Not 2ounces. I have a fair amount of rock but limited sump space for more. My tank is in the living room as is my sump....of my apartment. Little sand, and I continually blow my rocks to remove any debris so it can get to my sump/socks. I know they aren't the same but they can be related. That is why I pointed out my nutate issue. I was feeding 3-5 cubes a day plus nori. I'm down to 1-2 cubes to be safe plus nori. Ever so often they get an extra cube. I have no detectable phosphates. I have a plan of attack to reduce the nutrient build up tho. That's another talk. Only about 10 of my fish are over 5-6 inches for now. So they are almost all small but will grow sometime. I am going to tinker some more, the wedge is only closed about about 30% now. I'll see how it goes as it sits in 8 inches of water now, I might lower it.


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