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I have a double cone 250 with rd3 pump. Running at 40watts in 9.5" of water. Wedge pipe is 80-90% closed. The water line is half way up the cup, I'm not getting real good skim mate. I've had the skimmer running for 3 weeks since I last cleaned it and only able to get 3/4" of skim.

My tank is a 250 with 80 gallon sump. I would say I have a high bio load with 20 fish and 7 of them being tangs raning from med to large size.
What am I doing wrong? I see people filling their cups up within a week or so. I can go months without filling my cup. I bought the avast neck cleaning hoping that would improve skim mate but nada.

Please help me get the most out of my skimmer, tank has been up and running for two years.

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