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Originally Posted by biecacka View Post
Maybe skimmer is too big. I debated on that skimmer and advised to get the 200. No need to oversize these skimmers. Same size tank and 30 fish. Tangs, angels some the size of my hand. I'm sure scott will chime in but I'll take a shoot....
Lower the skimmer into deeper water. Maybe drop it an inch or 1/2. Lower the speed to 35. That will allow for longer contact time in the chamber.

LOL... You're hired!

Good advice actually.. The force is strong with you.

If he lowered it down to 35 watts, 1/2" deeper would be about spot on although that is really kind of deeper than it should need to be with a good load.. And given his load, the normal sweet spot of 37 watts may not be low enough.. Additional contact time at 35 watts wouldn't necessarily hurt.. I'd start at 37 watts and 1/4" deeper at this point though and then go from there..

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