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Originally Posted by biecacka View Post
I can help others just not myself!!!! no mine looks good this morning.
I read these threads sometimes 2-3 times each post to learn so I can trouble shoot mine and help others maybe down the road. I have learned a lot from your posts scott!
Hired?!!! How did you know I was job searching????

You certainly seem to understand it well now. I'm glad your skimmer is working well for you and I'm especially glad to help!

Originally Posted by clorox View Post
Agreed, I learned a lot too thanks to Scott. I think I mastered my DC180, now I am getting daily consistency and most important to me....predictability when making fine tuning changes. I can't say enough praise about RE skimmers and products.

My only complaint is the control box attached to the pump in the older RD3's. I wish RE offered some retrofit kit for users that want to (need to) detach the pump for cleaning, maintenance etc. without voiding the warranty.

I could easily do it myself, but I know that if I cut the control cable and installed a connector I would most certainly void the warranty.

Anyway, not the end of the world. It's just a nice convenience to have
Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

I hear you on the fixed connection concern. There is a good reason behind the fixed connection though. Connecting the pump to the controller while the controller has power to it can result in a damaged pump or damaged controller. As such, this was done as a safety precaution because inevitably, some people would connect the pumps to a powered controller resulting in failures of controllers or pumps. This would obviously impact warranty rates so fixed wiring was used to prevent accidental induced failures. The RD3 230 includes a removable pump connection which should trickle down to other RD3 models in the future but there is no timeline on that. I also don't know what if any changes are being made to the controller circuitry to prevent failures as a result of hot plugging the pump into the controller.

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