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Hi Scott, I love this skimmer it let me feed more but I wonder if I keep doing more feeding will it lead to my po4 goes way up again?

For the Venturi tube, you mean I have to removed the red color airline pipe and then rotate the red wedge pipe 180 degree as shown in the photos ?

My wedge is wide open as of the moment .

I love Taiwan, a free democratic independent country.

Current Tank Info: 90cmx60cmx60cm (420 liters total volume), 12mm thick tampered glass aquariums , Eheim compact +5000, Jns SK2 protein skimmer, T5 x 4 x39 watt (2 blue , 2 white), MP40WES, SEIO 1000, TLF 150 *2 + 550 *1
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