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Originally Posted by machodik View Post
Hi Scott, I love this skimmer it let me feed more but I wonder if I keep doing more feeding will it lead to my po4 goes way up again?

For the Venturi tube, you mean I have to removed the red color airline pipe and then rotate the red wedge pipe 180 degree as shown in the photos ?

My wedge is wide open as of the moment .
Maybe I misunderstood what you were asking about in the previous post. You had mentioned that you were wondering why the silicone tube was attached to the red pipe which is restricting you from moving your pump to a different position. Are you talking about the clear Venturi tube that goes from the pump through the wedge pipe or are you talking about the one that connects the pump to the bottom of the skimmer? If you are talking about the one that connects the pump to the bottom of the skimmer, that is by design. It's the closest spot on the simmer body to the Venturi line location that pump can be mounted to. That closeness to the wedge pipe where the Venturi line is located as it makes it way to the air silence above the wedge pipe helps reduce pressure that might restrict airflow with a Venturi longer line. If you are talking about the Venturi line, that line is just long enough for the wedge pipe to be able to be open all the way as well as closed. The longer the Venturi line, the greater the restriction of air flow. Kind of like sucking soda through a straw. The longer the straw, the harder you have to suck.

A a side not, disregard rotating the wedge pipe 180*. With the wedge pipe wide open, I don't think that will work for you. That said, I see no issue with the way your Venturi line is routed anyway so I would just leave it alone.

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