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can anyone identify this
This algae is a mystery to me. It is growing in a tank without any fish at all and some corals in it (huge Leather toad and some Elegances) Tank also houses 3 seahorses.
Tank is crawling with life copepods, brineshrimp and anything you can imagine to keep whats in there fed. In this tank not any sort of food or any sort of protiene source was added for close to a year now. Still this algae is rampant. We do water change twice a month about 15% Nitrate and Phospahte levels show undetectable. Light source is an LED set up that that has both Blue and Royal blues always double strength to keep the color as far away as possible from the algae desired 6-7000 range. Still this algae is rampant and huge clumps being removed manually from the set up. Setup is a high setup tank of 700lt.

to give you an idea picture of when tank was being build about 4 years ago now. Has gone through some transfarmations but current set up has been going for about 1-2 years now

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