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Originally Posted by doca View Post
i cant believe my eyes.....

2 hobbyist, 2 tanks, both with tons of redbugs...suddenly, in 1 nigth, no more redbugs....

only thing in common???....both in the same city, in the same neighborhood...and a very cold nigth, with 70 F degrees or less in both tanks...

no other thing has changed...but we both are pretty sure thats no more adult redbugs at least by now (the eggs could be alive)...

its very possible...finally, are only bad copepods....what do u think????
Put me down as one more who's experienced this. I did a tank transfer from Central California to Reno, Nevada(in the snow). My rock was in a trailer and probably got down to around 50 degrees or less. My corals were in insulated containers but still were pretty cold after the 3 hour car ride. I planned on treating for redbugs after the tank transfer so I could separate my inverts like my cleaner shrimp. I've looked very closely and even the most infected corals I had have absolutely no redbugs anymore. Before I could see them with my naked eye, I've tried looking at them under a powerful magnifying glass and I don't see anything. I'm still going to keep an eye out and won't be surprised if they pop up again but for now I'm not going to treat my tank.

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