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I got mine out yesterday. Traps do not work. Steve Weast from the Oregon Reef told me traps are a waste of time. Steve pulled two worms out of his tank, one was 5ft and the other 7ft. OMG He told me there tail usually doesn't leave the burrow. Only way to remove it is to find the rock it burrows in and remove the rock. Thank you Steve. I know it sucks but trust me well worth it. These worms can grow very large, mine started eating expensive acros. Not cool. We as reefers put all this time, energy, and money into creating an environment that will support these beatiful acropora not create gourmet meals for a worm.

Here is how you do it. Stake out the tank at night with a red flash light. I used a red flashlight and a couple of clip-on desk lamps with red bulbs in them. Light the tank up nice and good. It took me several nights to find its home. Be patient.

Now do what you have to do to get the rock out. Me I had to cut coral that had fused the rock in place. Pull the rock out, please use gloves, us a syringe and inject Club Soda into it's lair. LeslieH works at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. She is an expert in worms you can find her here on Reef Central. She told me to use club soda and boy does it work. After a few injections into the hole it crawled out of there fairly quickly. Thank you Leslie.

After he crawled out I started to inspect the rock to make sure it was safe to put back in. I saw another one. *** I injected more club soda in and kind of pushed it out. When it dropped out I noticed it didn't have a head. I couldn't believe it. It left its tail behind to regenerate into a new worm. What an incredible survival mechanism.

Everyone who has one remove it. They might be harmless at first but as they get older their appetite changes and they start munching on coral. Trust me you want no parts of this. Get it out as soon as possible.

Here it is

Close up of its face

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