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Originally Posted by madkeenreefer View Post
I would like to add a pic of a "critter" I found today that was one of three that I removed from an Acro frag that had been loosing tissue over the last 4-5 weeks the loss was rapid to start, then seemed to slow ( at this slowing point I had moved the frag to the bottom of the tank away from the 250w ) I'm not sure if its relevent [IMG]Photobucket[/IMG] I was unable to take better pics of it , but to describe it ,it had a pointy clear tail almost the same lenth as its body which was a transperant darkish brown with darker parts to the head and tail reigion.
the drill bit is for refference it was a 5/64ths

It I belive has been feeding on the acro for over a month now does anyone know what this is. Oh no other Acro frags show signs of damaged tissue
Ive seen these on 2 acro's 1 oregon tort that was slowly going downhill. When I checked the corals out after lights were out these bugs were cruizing around the 2 acros that were dying. Ive seen a couple other posts from people regarding them but no one seems to know exactly what they are. I tried to get a pic and couldnt they are so small. Its hard to see in your pic, but your description of them is dead on.

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