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Originally Posted by mpoletti View Post
Another thing to remember is that just because your tank might be infested, it is not the end of the world. There are plenty of people that have moved beyond the days of worrying about pests to have successful reef tanks. There are also plenty of stunning tanks that just live with them in their systems. Many people use "the basting menthod" where they use a turkey baster or powerhead to blow the pests (especially aefw) off the corals.
This methods helps to manage their numbers and allows the coral to continue to thrive. The basting method, along with natural predation (wrasses and such) does work and many say that they have not seen any evidence after a period of time. Some of my favorite tanks are still currently using this method.
I just realized today that I have AEFW. So glad to read this b/c I don't have the time or space for a full eradication plan. I'm hoping can keep the population near zero with dips and some wrasses.

What's the best med to reduce numbers in the display? Fluke tabs? Anyone tried Prazi-pro (praziquantel)?

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