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I keep my alk between 8-9 dkh, Ca right around 450 and MG 1350 and i have been getting great results with these numbers on my display. I only use ME CORAL Alk, Cal, and there MAG.. It;s a local company out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Great products..

120 Mixed Reef
Ecotech M1 pump
Skimz 163 DC Montzer Series skimmer
Custom sump / Refuge
2 Maxspect Gyre XF130's Pumps
2 AI Hydra TwentySix HD LED Fixtures
Celestial C35W Maxspect Refuge Spotlight
Aqua UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer 25w
BRS Dual Media reactor
Eshoops IV Master & Slave Doser
Tunze 3155 Auto Top Off

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