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Today I am working on some maintenance stuff that does not need done every week but has actually become long overdue, ha ha! (That never happens to the rest of you folks, right?). My gyre was making an annoying sing song hum which is what started this endeavor. After I got the gyre figured out I decided that the T5HO bulbs should be changed,(especially since I could not remember when I last did that!). Uhhg! I only changed 1 actinic and 1 10k and I hope the coral do not go into shock from the new intensity. I think I will temporarily reduce the length of time the bulbs are on. That should have a positive effect on the color of my coral, as well as reduce or completely eliminate the little bit of red algae I get on the sandbed.

Another thing I did was get out my 2 part. When I had the seahorses I did water changes every week but I am not doing as many WCs now. Also I had switched back to IO from reef Crystal's so my guess is that my magnesium and alkalinity are probably low and maybe my calcium too. I should check parameters today to see exactly where stuff is. I think I will adjust the water I make in the brute can so that I am not making big changes in the tank. I still do WCs about every other week so that should help keep things fairly in check.

Enough nutrients seems to be somewhat of a problem. My macro algae in the fuge are growing like crazy and I suspect they are sucking up a huge amount of nutrients. I have an automatic feeder on the tank dispensing flake and pellets 2Xs a day plus I feed a cube of frozen once a day. That is a lot of food and yet the tank has very little nuisance algae. I hope to add quite a few more fish here in the next month which is the most fun way to increase nutrients! Wink wink! I am thinking a small goby/pistol shrimp pair if I can find one, a handful of barnacle blennies and at least 3 yellow tail damsels. A kole tang is not out of the question either if I can find one.

Lastly I would like to acquire some GPS once I get the nutrients up a bit. I have had GSP on the sand bed (where it can be controlled) in the past and it's beautiful when it waves in the flow. The green color will enhance the tank and it's a coral that should thrive in my tank conditions. So there you have it, present and future happenings to the natural high nutrient tank.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, ...and God sawthat it was good. Genesis 1:20 - 21

Current Tank Info: A 56 gallon high nutrient macro algae/coral reef that overflows into a basement 30 gallon seahorse macro algae fuge that overflows into a 20 gallon sump
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