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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
I sent you a package!
O boy O boy, I can't wait! I was in Nashville all last week helping with my baby granddaughter, Daisy. I had not been on RC for a couple of weeks as I did a lot of cooking for my hubby who was batcheloring it, plus I took food down to the kids too.

My tank looked pretty dirty when I got home but Dave took good care feeding it and keeping the sump topped off. Yesterday I did a WC and cleaned the glass plus removed some caulerpa. Everything looks real good now that the glass has been cleaned. It was all just film algae on the glass, everything else is clean.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, ...and God sawthat it was good. Genesis 1:20 - 21

Current Tank Info: A 56 gallon high nutrient macro algae/coral reef that overflows into a basement 30 gallon seahorse macro algae fuge that overflows into a 20 gallon sump
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