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I went to 2 LFSs today and got 6 yellow tail damsels and 4 mollies (for the fuge). I was only going to get 3-5 damsels but the LFS only had 6 and I hated to leave 1 behind so I bought them all, ha ha. My hubby got a laugh over that.

I am acclimating everyone as I speak. The LFS that had the mollies had some already acclimated to salt water but they were all males and I wanted mostly females for fry production and 1 male. I chose 2 dalmation, 1 white and 1 orange. They will live in the fuge and their main job is to help with algae on the the seagrass.

The damsels are being acclimated in the 1st chamber of the sump. They had been at the LFS for 3 weeks so I don't think I need to QT them. I hope I am not being rash. In the sump they can adjust to my water parameters without having to deal with tank mates. Then when they are settled I will move them all together into the display where there should be safety in numbers but my tank is pretty chill anyway.

I will take a pic or two when everyone is settled. I plan to hit another LFS tomorrow and see what they have. I know, I am out of control. LOL!

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