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The damsels seem to be doing well in the sump chamber, although I have never seen more than 4 at one time. The ones I see are eating well. There is a large conch shell and I know that they hide in there some. So hopefully all 6 are good.

I only have 2 mollies left even though I acclimated very slowly. They are a pair so hopefully they thrive and make fry, plus graze on algae.

The tomini tang adjusted well. Its eating and swims around very comfortably in the display. I did see a white mark on its top fin but it does not look like ich or any other disease. The cleaner shrimp has not shown interest in it either so I am still optimistic that the tomini is going to be fine. I will not add the damsels until I am sure however. No sense in stressing the tang prematurely with the added activity.

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