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JetCat, I had to hunt for the basis of your 3:5 MgSO4:MgCl ratio recommendation. Improved 2-Part Supplement Article; Farley: Recipe #1, Part 3A. But to get the desired final ion ratio (table 2), I think that you also have to be using the 2-part additives alone to keep Ca and carbonate up? If you are using limewater and a calcium reactor instead of the 2-part additives for Ca and carbonate, wouldn't you want to use a 1:10 MgSO4:MgCl ratio as Farley recommended in the origonal Mg supplementation article? I'm not clear on that point.

I'm off to YellowKnife Canada for 10 days and hope to catch a fish or two. I hope you guys keep this up.


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