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Bean Animal good need help

I purchased a Modular Marine 1200 gph overflow that has 3/4 uniseals on the external box to go to the sump.

I ran 3/4 pipe from the box about 8 inches down then coupled it to 1 inch plumbing and immediately installed the gate valve. The gate valve sits about 2 feet above the sump.

The weir is connected via 1 inch bulkheads that go to the external box and flow through the above mentioned pipe.

I cannot get enough flow through the weir to balance the Bean Animal.

I am using a Vectra L1 pump on a 93 gallon cube and it is returned via 1 inch plumbing with a couple of tees, 90s and a manifold.

Should I:
1. Install the gate valve at the sump so that the 1 inch pipe fills up and I can better adjust it. As it is now because of the increase of pipe size and the height of my gate valve I donít think the 1 inch pipe is able to get a full siphon going.

2. Rip out all of my plumbing and go 3/4.

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