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I got lucky today. Went to one of our LFS that I hadn't been to in a while and it changed hands but retained the name.

I checked out their selection of SW fish first with no intention of buying any but did want to see if perhaps they were now doing some corals or frags. Lo and behold the last section had a few 40 gallon tanks with various sizes and types . Picked up a few supplies I needed and then went back and got what I'd call a Dragons Eye with a lazer green center. Also a nice sized blueish 'shroom.

Got them acclimated to the temp at home and then carefully put them in my tank. What I didn't notice was a very small tiny frag on a chip of rock. I think it's a yellow/green Ricordia but will have to wait til it grows. Under actinic blue it's amazingly bright. Will try to get pics when and if I can to post.

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