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cycle question

Im wondering where i am at in my tanks cycle.. im using live rock from a old tank i had set up which was fairly dirty which i transfered from the old tank to the new tank directly. There is no fish in the system currently just a few hermits and snails.

my ammonia levels vary between 0/.25 - 1.0 ppm , no detectable nitrite and 20-40ppm nitrate..
im dosing with a biological booster daily.

wondering why i havent seen nitrite spike yet, but there is ammonia and nitrate.. im thinkning te ammonia is leeching from the old live rock but idk for sure.

im wondering if i have a colony of bacteria generating the nitrate, or if its leeching from the rocks as well.

has anyone had parameters like this during there cycle? what can these parameters mean in terms of the cycling process?


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