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Found this thread that brought me to this forum. While I was reading about tank cleaning.

Originally Posted by mcgyvr View Post
Vinegar can be a very effective cleaner...

Vinegar is also known to soften silicone/elastomer seals which can lead to tank/equipment failure.

Its a balancing act and one may want to favor good old elbow grease vs vinegar exposure in projects like this..
This is what I'm also aware of - that it is quite good for cleaning. However it seems to have it's side effects. And quite a few of them.

Originally Posted by Dalbery View Post
Muratic acid is safer for seals and works way faster. Never clean your pumps with vinegar. It can kill them!!
Is this true? I have read that vinegard sort of "eats them up" but had no idea that it is so bad.

Why it keeps poping up as recommended method for cleaning in that case?

Or is it always considered to be "safe use" for cleaning of tank but considered to be diluted with water?

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