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Hi again. I just got done reading fmarini's articles on cultivating phytoplanktons, rotofers, and brine shimp. In those articles he talks abou using 2L soda bottles. I understand about areation but do you have to cut the bottom of the bottle off? some images looked like you do, some look like you don't. My next question is about clown fish. I work nights and I work crazy hours. How do I successfully feed my clownfish fry provided I've done everything else right? Do I need someone at my apt. all the time or can I feed them before work, when I get home and again when I get ready to leave again. I work 10- 11 hrs a day? One more question, where is this guy (Fmarini)? he seems smart I think his articles are interesting wonder why he hasen't contributed in a long time???

36 aga bow, 2 true percs., 1 sea bae, 2 bird nests (1brown, 1 green), 1 green mushroom, zoos, green star polyps, about 30 lbs of Florida live rock, sea cucumber, turbo snails, hermits, emerald, scarlet crabs,

Current Tank Info: mini reef setup, 36 bow all glass 150w advanced hqi pendant (1) true perc., (1) Flame angel, Star polyps, kenya leather, (3) Clavularia Corals and a nice assorted cleaning crew
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