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Originally posted by plankton
nanno setups are very easy to start and fairly easy to maintain. Although mine crashed after 3 months, but I supplied about a 15 miles radius with nano for 3 months. All you need is one nanno disk, some F/2 or equiv, light, air bubbles and a clean environment and you are off. My 100G SPS tank had sponge and feather worms like you would not believe. Plus all that primary food supplied quite a population of copepodes/amphipods, etc.

Go for it!

Mysis shimp are fresh/brackish water. I'd suggest try rearing some ornamental shrimp (peppermints, etc).

wow more great info I've been doing it the hard way for 5 year's lol I'll be needing some bigger dose's for my 200G instead of my old 20G

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