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The coral's spawning

One of the highest moments in the marine aquarist's life is the coral's spawning inside his own aquarium.
In order to make this happen, we need to have perfect water values, the correct light and movement, and obviously the animals. When every condition is achieved, it's very probable that our corals will spawn. But, when this will happen, we will have some problem on our tank. The eggs (or gamets) are very fat, so our skimmer will not produce great skimmate for a while. We need to do three things. First we need to turn on the light, to stop the spawning. Second we need to do a great water change, to change the water parameters. This to avoid another spawning event in the following days. Third we need to use a lot more active carbon to clean the water. Two questions for you. Have you ever had a spawning event on your aquarium? What's happened after?

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